Sandwich Boards
Hardwearing footpath signs are an effective, affordable way to attract customers into your business. We supply a range of shapes and sizes and materials including wood, plastic and metal. Because we keep up to date with council bylaws, we can also advise you on the sizes and types of signs you can put up outside your business.


Sandwich Boards. PVC panels and bases.Digitally printed from clients files. Prints applied to each side of panels.See More »

Selwyn Village Café

A PVC Sandwich Board on wheels helps to promote the café.See More »


A wooden Sandwich Board was a clear and simple signage option for the local Dentist.See More »

Auckland Radiology

This durable PVC Sandwich Board has a PVC sign panel with vinyl self-adhesive graphics.See More »

The Lingerie Company

PVC Sandwich Board with vinyl self-adhesive graphics. Its base is built to last from solid recycled rubber.See More »