Give your business 24/7 advertising exposure. We can concept, create and install illuminated signage, including light boxes and backlit signage for interior and exterior applications. Choose from fluorescent, neon or LED light sources depending on the situation and your budget. We have a proven track record in creating signs, lettering and logos in a range of neon colour options.

Kiwa Art

Andrew from Kiwa Art approached us with his logo design and needed various signs for his new shop.See More »


With agreement from our client, we set about designing building signage that appears black and green during daylight hours and white and green during darkness.See More »

Boehringer Ingelheim

Design, manufacture and installation of new exterior signage. Removal of old signage and traffic management was also involved.See More »


This sign on Dunedin’s George Street was designed with a steel box section frame with a powdercoated finish. Internal LED lighting was used to illuminate from behind the lettering and logo.See More »

Auckland Radiology

Eye-catching illuminated signage capitalises on prominent locations. The first sign is a fabricated box and frame with translucent plastic panels.See More »

St Andrew's Village

A freestanding illuminated sign with an aluminium sign case powder-coated in blue.See More »


This freestanding illuminated sign features a signcase in stainless steel finished with blue trim, housing internal fluorescent tube lighting and translucent unbreakable plastic faces.See More »


Stunning skyline signage makes the most of Lumley’s prominent Auckland City location.See More »